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Mykohlscharge is the online portal of Kohl’s credit card, which you can use to find your balance in your Kohl’s Charge credit card & know other details of your account.

In this page, we’re having a step by step to how to login, register and activate your card using the website. Read on.

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How to login to mykohlscharge?

kohls charge

Follow the below given steps to know how to login to mykohlscharge website:

  1. First, you’ve to visit the official website of Kohl’s credit card, which is Mykohlscharge com, which you can visit by typing on the address bar or you can click on the button given below.
  2. Now, on the next page, you’ll be asked to enter your User Name & Password under the Sign In option.
  3. Enter both and click on the “Submit” button given below that.
  4. Now, you’ll be taken to the my account page on my Kohl’s charge website where you can manage your account, check your balance and much more.


How to register & activate Kohl’s Credit card?

mykohlscharge com

Follow the below given steps to know how to register and activate the Kohl’s credit card.

  1. Like the previous step, visit the website by clicking on the button given below or typing it on your address bar.
  2. Now on the next page, under the “Sign In” option, you’ll see an option called “Register Now“.
  3. Below that, you’ll also see “Please enter your 12 digit credit card number“.
  4. Enter your Kohls credit card number below that option, where the space is given.
  5. After entering it, click on the “Submit” button.
  6. On the next page, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address, and many other contact details. Enter all the personal details asked on the page and complete the page. After that, click on “Submit
  7. Now you’ll be asked to choose a Kohl’s username and password.
  8. Write it down somewhere safe as these will be used to login to the next time you want to login.

About Kohl’s Credit Card

my kohls charge

Credit cards usage is lying with no more of a secret. The users of these cards can now go on with getting financial help from any location they want even at a higher rate and higher temptation value when they are walking through a well-stocked department store. These are primarily about the Kohl’s credit card which is generated from the Kohl’s department store recommended for shopping clothes. This is done up with an updated style and competition based price range. The company is like a family’s favorite clothes shopping venues which are standing for a long time. The store is quite well organized and is clean with services, store employees and people here are quite friendly.

Benefits of Kohl’s credit cards

To count on the benefits of Kohl’s credit card, there are a good number of reasons;-

  • This is easy to apply as well as to get approval. The applications are available online but are processed in the Kohl’s store. There is just a need for two minutes for the approval once you handover the application.
  • The interest rate is high to around 22 % but is not annual. The interest rates are completely different than other stores. As the rates are fixed, and there is no lower teaser rate but another hand, there has been no increase.
  • You can have an easy access online with better customer service after getting it registered online. The recommendation is yes as long as the users have the discipline to be the savvy and can shop within their monthly budget plan.
  • There are open discounts and promotions openly on the credit card account. The special savings for the cardholders make it special for both ongoing and immediate access.
  • You can have much more of savings online when you are using the credit card.

How to get it

At first, you are going to buy a store credit card from the Kohls. The process is quite simple and does require very little effort. You can fill the form online as well as from the departmental store. These have a good number of advantages with benefits of buying the products you can immediately access the discount as well as a card as a gift. This as a store-based credit card has higher product value which would lead you to spend unnecessary money on the product which you could get pretty cheaply. These cards are valuable to be used practically, and you can even take the detail about it online.

These cards may contain any particular value like that of $ 25 to $ 50. You can also use the cards for future purchases. There will be a particular grace period for these cards, and this would require using the gift at that particular time. This with the increasing inflation rates and prices of the products around the world. This is even recommended for those buyers to make the best of these gift cards.

mykohlscharge Customer Service


You can contact the Kohls credit card customer service, if you get into any issues logging in to the www mykohlscharge com website.

Kohl’s Credit Card customer service phone number

Below given is the toll free customer service phone number of Kohl’s credit card:

(855) 564-5748

Phone hours:

  • Monday to Saturday- 7am to 10pm Central
  • Sunday- 9am to 10pm Central

Kohl’s Mailing Address

You can also use their mailing address for the payments. Below given is the mailing address of mykohlscharge:

Kohl’s Payment Center
PO Box 2983
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

Other Login Guides we have:


We hope you were able to use this page to login & register your account on mykohlscharge website and confirm your Kohl’s charge credit card. Do let us know your thoughts on Kohl’s charge credit card & the website, using the comment box given below.


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